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Self-care now more than ever Hero

Self-care now more than ever

As we’ve all come to realize, getting through these pandemic times is a marathon and not a sprint. At Baxter on Broadway, we care about you. Self-care is more important than ever. There are some simple ways to incorporate some self-care into your daily lives to help navigate these challenging times. Meditation can be a really big help. Sometimes, mediation gets a bad rap. It’s not just for hippies anymore. It honestly works for everyone. We recommend the CALM app or Headspace app to get you started. They’ll walk you through the basics and help you refine your techniques. Meditation practices mindfulness. It helps keep a clear and ongoing perspective on what’s important and more importantly, what’s not worth spending your time on. Our brains are so active and to get caught up in rumination is all too common. Meditation can help alleviate that. It’s also perfect for stress relief and can lead to improved sleep. The breathing techniques are very soothing and can be done anywhere. What’s also great is there’s no need for expensive equipment, fancy workout clothes or belonging to a gym to do it. Once you get in the groove for meditation, it can become a good daily habit that’s easy to maintain and look forward to.

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