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How to look your best in video conferencing

My, how things have changed. Now with the new normal, working from home is just a fact of life. Some of us might be new to this changing work style. It’s okay. Let’s lean into this. The good news is that with wi-fi, email, and digital innovations, working from home is easier than ever. Video conferencing is a huge way companies are still getting things done as well as keeping up morale for their teams. Here are a few tips to help you with video conferencing. First, dress for work completely. You never know if you are going to have to get up in a meeting to get something. Pants are a very good thing. So are shoes. Wear both. Trust us on this. Also, make sure you preview how your space looks on screen. Don’t just focus on your appearance. People are curious beings and might be tempted to look at your place in the background. Tidy up and make sure everything is neat and presentable. Lighting is also important. Make sure you have enough light at your at-home workstation so your face can be seen clearly. Just use an additional lamp already in your apartment. Or you can buy a new lamp specifically made for video conferencing online. Make sure you stay focused and listen during the video conference. No playing with your phone checking your social, looking away bored, or otherwise distracted. Many of the video conferencing setups kind of have the “Brady Bunch” montage thing where you can see all the faces in one picture. Make sure your coworkers are not like, “Hey, what the heck is Bob doing? Is he clipping his nails? Are you kidding me?!” We joke but looking unprofessional is absolutely no joke. And please make sure that you’re not on mute for meetings. Get accustomed to the technology and learn it beforehand. For more tips on how to rule Zoom, slay Skype, or crush Google meetings, go to The Verge. And don’t forget that thing about the pants!

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